Open Source Fire Modelling

When You Can Predict, You Can Protect

You know fire is one of the gravest threats to your business. We give you more ways to understand it, prevent it and contain it.

Our fire experts show you how fire starts and how it spreads through a combination of physics-based simulations and mathematical equations. Advanced fire modelling complements large-scale testing—it even helps us to design better tests, and learn more from the results.

This rigorous approach may be proprietary, but the findings aren’t. In fact, we share them with the entire fire research community. Using an open-source toolbox, we created FireFOAM, a software package composed of physical models related to fluid mechanics, heat transfer and combustion. We also sponsor annual fire modelling workshops, where we collaborate and share our knowledge with government entities, universities and businesses worldwide.

Helping you protect your property from fire loss. That’s resilience.

FireFOAM Simulation

FireFOAM Simulation

FireFOAM is an LES solver based on OpenFOAM, which is FM Global's selected Open Source CFD Toolbox and platform for fire and explosion modeling applications.