Understand, Quantify, Mitigate

Resilience has no place for guesswork. Let our research and rigorous scientific approach applied to your business put you at the forefront of risk mitigation.

Key research areas include:

Fire and Explosion Hazards and Protection
You know how fire can devastate a business, so you’ve done everything you can to protect your business and your employees. We help you do even more. We research every fire risk you might imagine—and many you can’t imagine. Flammability. Fire suppression. Gas and dust explosions. You name it—we’ve probably tested it. Open source fire modelling complements our large-scale fire tests and provides better results faster.

Structures and Natural Hazards
Can you predict when a natural hazard will strike? No, but you can take precautions, so your structures can withstand the hit. Team with us and you’ll understand how to break it to build it better. Gain insight into every risk posed by floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, severe weather, storm surge, and climate change.

Risk, Reliability and Failure Prevention
You don’t need a crystal ball when you’ve got the analytical powers of our technical teams. They are experts in Equipment and Systems Reliability, Risk and Uncertainty, and Failure Prevention. They study how to make your business processes and loss prevention systems bulletproof.

These scientific breakthroughs support hands-on experiments conducted at the FM Global Research Campus. It’s all ammunition for whatever hazard comes your way.

Introducing Jenny Chao

FM Global explosion specialist Jenny Chao studies the physics of explosions. Here she talks about her curious line of work.