Cyber Risk

Cyber Resilience Solutions

Cyber exposure isn’t a tech risk, it’s a business risk.

Cyber Resilience Solutions

Cyber Resilience Solutions

Cyber Resilience Solutions is a robust combination of risk assessment, risk engineering and risk transfer--all designed to enhance business resilience.

Welcome to the new era of cyber risk. Responsibility no longer falls exclusively on a single department. From supply chains and infrastructure, to facilities and data, risk managers must now deal with cyber-based threats that potentially affect an entire business—enterprise-wide. And the more businesses depend upon data and technology, the more exposed to cyber-induced business interruption they become.

Building cyber resilience requires aggressive new tools—and powerful new thinking. In the FM Global tradition of addressing risk head on with science, engineering and research, we take an advanced, holistic approach to cyber security. This includes dedicated cyber research, engineering and underwriting units, each headed by leading cyber experts. All in-house—with zero outsourcing—to maximise efficiency and assure consistent FM Global-level quality, precision and performance.

Resilience meets the digital age.

FM Global has provided comprehensive cyber coverage to our clients around the world since 1999. Today, our enhanced Cyber Resilience Solutions build upon that heritage, combining the elements of risk transfer with powerful risk assessment and mitigation strategies. This creates a broad, 360-degree cyber strategy that goes beyond the defensive posture of coverage to proactively measure and prevent potential cyber exposure and maximise business resilience.

FM Global Advantage® Policy
Risk transfer is an important factor in cyber resilience; making sure you have the best possible coverage for your specific exposure is critical. The FM Global Advantage policy delivers the most comprehensive property insurance available on the market today. Coverage includes:

  • Damage to data, programmes or software created by harmful viruses or other malware
  • Computer network service interruption due to malicious cyber activity
  • Third-party data services interruption (cloud outage) leading to business interruption and/or property damage
  • Resulting property damage and business interruption on an all-risk basis


Malicious software/code introduced to destroy data or disrupt computer functions. Malware can take many forms, including viruses, ransomware, spyware, worms, etc.

FM Global covers:

  • Restoration of data, including the time to research/engineer lost or damaged data
  • Resulting time element loss
  • Temporary costs to defend against a cyber attack
  • Worldwide territory


A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is an attack meant to shut down/ prevent the use of computer systems or networks.

FM Global covers:

  • Actual loss sustained, as well as extra expense during the period of interruption
  • Temporary costs to defend against cyber attack
  • Worldwide territory


A cloud-based cyber attack may cause significant business disruption by affecting things like website access, as well as services associated with the processing, storage, or transmission of data.

FM Global covers:

  • Actual loss sustained, extra expense and property damage during the period of interruption
  • Extends to supplier locations
  • Includes satellite services
  • Worldwide territory

Resulting Damage

A cyber attack targeting industrial control systems can highjack and damage essential business equipment causing significant intentional business interruption. FM Global covers:

  • Physical loss or damage to insured property other than data on an all-risk basis
  • Resulting time element loss
  • Policy territory

Cyber Optimal Recovery

This breakthrough coverage endorsement works in conjunction with our FM Global Advantage? policy to complement your cyber policy. Clients can position their FM Global Advantage policy as primary, excess or contributing insurance as necessary to maximise total insurance recovery in a cyber event.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximises total recovery following a cyber loss
  • Addresses how the FM Global Advantage policy will interact with a cyber policy—before the loss occurs
  • Automatically addresses issues with potentially overlapping coverage