Product and Service Delivery

Dual Delivery Offers a Choice

You may prefer a direct relationship with FM Global, or you may prefer working with us through a broker partner. Dual delivery offers you a choice. Whether you work directly with our sales force, or through an insurance intermediary, you’ll be assured of an exceptionally high level of service. The capability to sell, underwrite and service both direct and brokered clients doesn’t exist with most other carriers. Both direct sales and brokered business are equally valuable to us. We aim to maintain our historic mix of one third and two thirds, respectively.

FM Global's pricing and commission payment practices are straightforward

  • Our pricing is the same whether you insure through a broker partner or directly with us.
  • We have the ability to pay brokerage commissions through our stock company subsidiaries and our WorldReach? partners. Upon client request, we will disclose brokerage commission(s) payable under their policy(ies).
  • We do not pay any fees, overrides or payments such as contingent commissions, placement service fees, market service fees, compensation for services to underwriters, or other such arrangements.

No matter which distribution channel you select, we’re committed to providing best-in-class products and services that support your business objectives.