Client Partnerships

Building Relationships That Last

In the journey to becoming resilient, you need a partner in risk management. Someone who will be there before, during and after the battle. That’s where FM Global comes in. With an industry-leading 95 percent annual client retention rate, we are in it for the long haul.

From assessing risk, to responding to loss, to supporting recovery, you’ll have a client service team who knows you—and knows you well. Right from the start, we work to understand your business and your specific risk exposures. Consultations and site evaluations of your facilities can bring to light any issues that could put you at risk. The findings go into a detailed Risk Report.

Our annual Client Service Plan is a cooperative effort to help identify your risks and set goals for mitigating them. This process gives you a clear view of where you’ve been and where you’re going. And it can keep your business resilient over time.

It’s no wonder so many clients see our services as invaluable to their property risk management team. Learn more about our client partnerships below.

Fire in Rawdon: Modine and FM Global

Representatives from Modine and FM Global comment about the massive fire at the Leeds, UK facility of Airedale, a Modine subsidiary, and how the companies worked together to quickly restore operations.