Power Generation

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Resilience isn’t luck. Especially when you’re facing aging infrastructure, rising cyber risks, impacts from COVID-19, and natural disasters. On top of that, regulatory and legislative concerns remain top risks for the power generation and energy industries. 

Rest easy. 

FM Global’s loss prevention expertise and unmatched insurance program help identify your facility’s unique exposures and offer proven methods to mitigate them.

Unparalleled research and insight

The evolving needs and distinct risks of the power generation industry require an experienced insurance partner. When it comes to combating mechanical breakdowns and securing your business, knowledge is power. It could mean the difference between your success and failure. 

Did we mention knowledge? We have lots at our disposal. FM Global has more than 185 field engineering consultants who specialize in power generation risks. Yes, that’s 185 engineers solely focused on the needs of your industry. 

The research-based engineering conducted at our world-renowned research and testing centre for property loss prevention helps us gather in-depth insight of equipment risk, including turbines, transformers and generators. We then compile and share this valuable loss information with you. 

We have your back

There’s no question that you’ll benefit from our in-house power generation specialists’ expertise. They offer flexible and tailored property risk management solutions and consultation to the specific needs of leading organisations like yours. We work with you to identify key loss drivers in the areas of mechanical and electrical breakdown, cyber and business interruption. What’s better than that?

Our team is highly experienced in the assessment of an extensive range of power plant facilities, including:

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Cyber insecurity

A burgeoning concern is the potential for industrial control systems to be compromised. Outdated power plants are particularly susceptible to today’s hackers. And greater interconnectivity of machinery and operating systems that are designed to be remotely accessed, increases the opportunity for cyber-related interruption. 

One cyber attack could disrupt an entire facility, causing you to lose business revenue and market share. We don’t want this to happen to you. Read more about how FM Global’s Cyber Risk Assessment can help you identify your cyber exposures.

You’re not alone, meet our experts …

Let our experts help you navigate complexities, mitigate risks and tackle challenges with confidence. 


Al Johnson, Head of power generation

Al Johnson

Head of power generation

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Erik Verloop

Erik Verloop

Principal engineer, power generation

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Mark McAdams

Mark McAdams

High-Hazard Occupancy Specialist

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Doug Patterson

Doug Patterson

Operations manager, Dallas operations

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Andrew Bryson

Andrew Bryson

Operations manager, London operations

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