The FM Global Mission

A Promise to Protect the Value of Your Business

Understanding why we’re a different kind of insurance company is as simple as understanding the commitment we make to every client.

Our Value Proposition
We want to help you protect the business value you’ve worked hard to build. By identifying your property risks, we can assist you by making property loss prevention recommendations to help you mitigate loss. And we provide capital for risk-transfer purposes.

Our Mission Statement
We have a unique risk management focus. Our clients look to us to develop cost-effective insurance and risk-financing solutions, to minimise business interruption and financial impact if a loss does occur.

We meet these needs with customised programmes that draw upon our:

  • State-of-the-art loss prevention engineering and research
  • Risk management skills and support services
  • Tailored risk-transfer capabilities
  • Superior financial strength

Even as we evolve, our focus remains the same: When our mutual policyholders benefit, our business benefits.